Cooking appliance installation

Costs: £100 plus VAT per installation of cooking appliance.

What we’ll do

We’ll get your cooker up and running in no time. Here’s everything we’ll take care of.

When we get there, we’ll disconnect your old cooker and unpack your new one. No problem. Please note that you will be responsible for the disposal of packaging and your old appliance.

Don’t worry about cables. We’ll bring everything we need to get your new cooker installed.

What you need to do!

There are a few things we need you to do and check before we arrive.

The space around your hob is called the Hot Zone and you need to make sure it has no switches or a cooker hood above it. There also needs to be a gap of at least 65cm between your hob and the cooker hood or ceiling above. If it isn’t clear of hazards, we may not be able to install your cooker. Make sure you follow pre-installation instructions for your cooker from the product manufacturer’s website.
Make sure your current electrical connection (plug socket or big red switch) matches what your new cooker needs. If your new cooker is over 3kw, then you’ll need a 16Amp or 32Amp fuse or MCB - a big red switch. If your new cooker is below 3kw, then you’ll only need a standard 13Amp fuse – a regular plug socket. Compare what you have with the details of your new cooker on the Key Information tab on our product pages to make sure you’re all set.
Let us know if you’re switching from a gas cooker to a new electric cooker in.

While you’re on the Key Information section on our product pages, it’s worth checking the dimensions of your new cooker, just to make sure you’ve got enough space in your kitchen.

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